Summer Institute Technology

After having a chance to learn more about the technology that was open to us at the Summer Institute, I was able to answer a lot of the questions that I had before.

1. How many images can you link to in one presentation?
For each object that you add to your augmented reality, you can link to a series of texts or videos in succession. For example, users could scroll from one set of text to a video, or vice versa.

2. Can you create multiple videos for a single object?
For each object that you want to augment, you can create an aura. Then you can add the resources that you want to include to the aura! So while it isn’t just videos, you can add multiple resources to one aura.

3. Does this function as well on a tablet (with a larger screen) as it does on a phone? Is there a way to make it computer-friendly as well as mobile?
Yes! This is equally functional on a tablet or iPad as on a smartphone as long as users have the app. Auras can be easily created on the computer as well, which gives the program a lot more functionality in the classroom!

This would be a great way to get kids to investigate and learn about the library space! Adding auras to objects around the library could create a type of scavenger hunt, and bring interactive learning experiences to life.

Makey-makey kit:
1. Can two people play the game together remotely- if they are in separate rooms, could they be in the same game still?
If you initially load up a multiplayer game, each user should be able to create their own Makey Makey controller to play separately! It depends on the initial program that is selected by the user.

2. How many different objects can be linked up to the game at once?
You can load up to 18 keys in one Makey Makey; six on the front and 12 on the back. You can press as many at one time as your keyboard will allow- for most keyboards, that seems to be 6. Getting to see this was so helpful!

3. Can users code their own keys for the game to create more options?
Yes! You can link Makey Makey to any game, keyboard, or programs to create keys. My favorite that I saw online was a banana piano!

1. How much coding is needed to control the sphero?
Very little! All of the controls for Sphero are controlled directly through the app, which connects by Bluetooth to your phone or tablet.

2. How does it charge? How long does a charge last?
Sphero has a charging cradle, and is weighted at the bottom so it will sit properly. Each charge lasts for approximately 60 minutes of moving time, and the sphero will blink red when the battery is low and needs to be charged! This is super helpful for kids to be able to identify when they need to charge the device.

3. Can multiple devices be linked up to the same sphero? Can the same device connect to multiple spheros?
Multiple devices can be linked to the same sphero, but not simultaneously. Once we had a chance to look that the Sphero more closely, this made sense- it would be confusing to have multiple users trying to drive the same device. The same device can connect to multiple spheros, but again, only can connect to one at a time because of the bluetooth functionality.


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